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Alright fellow college goers, and by fellow I mean, not actually fellow because none of us have completed more than a couple semesters of college.  Even so, we still love you and want to play for you AT your college/university.

This November we’re looking to make our rounds through some of your schools.  We’ve played a bunch of colleges in the past and they’re always an incredible time and we get to meet

lots of awesomely kind people, not to mention play a killer show in the process.So if you are interested in having us come to your school in the month of November (or anytime in the future), facilitate the idea with the event planners at your school, and then either you or them email us at 

After you’ve talked with the people in charge of putting on the events at your school, and you or them contact us, we will put you through to our booking agent to properly organize us playing your show.

So that’s that.


the members of You, Me, and Everyone We Know

PS - Don’t forget about our record coming out on October 12!  You can pre-order it now at OR

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    ABOUT to do this NOW because i want to see this band so freaking bad i just want to dance man.
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    ATTN UWSP I am seriously about to email the guy in charge and tell him to book them ok
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  6. halfxlight said: you guys should come to the University of Florida!
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    yep yep, gunna make this happen :]
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    going to look into this soon soon soon
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    this should happen at oneonta. JUS SAYIN
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    looking into this right now.
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  12. little--devotional said: not sure if i can get you guys in at Saint Louis University, but come back to Firebird !!!!!
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    Attn someone who goes to a school near me. Attn Izzy. Find out how to get them to UWM. I’d be so happy.
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  16. ibelieveintheoxfordcomma said: The school won’t let you play here, but you guys should come play in Rexburg Idaho. We’ve got a lot of people who love music but rural Idaho doesn’t merrit much touring.
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